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Understanding Mental Health

Sometimes a reason to seek help is obvious such as stress or anxiety or perhaps feelings of depression. Sometimes you’ve been fighting an instinct to seek help for a long time for something deep seated, but you just don’t know how to begin. Equally, you may be feeling overwhelmed by loss which may be a bereavement or loss of employment/income. You may be living with trauma, but everything in you says to talk about it will further traumatise you.

Though isn’t it usually true that not dealing with trauma keeps us in the repeating cycle of trauma itself?

How do we make sense of life at all? I firmly believe that our sense of identity, self-worth, purposeful achievement and knowing how to participate in all manner of relationships, are central themes.


I will work as a counsellor seeking to build a strong and robust therapeutic relationship built on genuineness, trust and honesty. I will be 'present' to you as you share your circumstances and what's important to you.


You the client will lead the process. I will listen intently to your understanding of self and the issues you present. My goal will be responding to what emerges in each session with compassion, emotionally connected awareness and knowledgeable guidance.


How can I help you?

Lets have a conversation...

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