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David Stirling

Passionate About Improving Our Wellbeing

I am a member of BACP the British Association of Counsellor’s and Psychotherapists since July 2021.

I subscribe to their code of conduct which includes key principles such as:

  • Confidentiality.

  • The right to self-determination of all clients.

  • Determination to respect and seek to build client’s individual self-worth.

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More about me

I have gained life experience through: 

  • Over 20 years in voluntary youth work.

  • Six years as a sales professional with ‘Cadbury’s’ and ‘Faberge’.

  • 11 years with ‘The Probation Service in Northern Ireland’ – skills role as a counsellor and groupworker.

  • 9 years running my own business, a fish and chip shop – business management of turnover, quality standards and staff management.

  • 5 years self-employed in DIY

  • 5 years (most recently) as a production lead in the pharmaceutical industry – while studying for my degree.

  •  Importantly, I have of course, learned a lot from the risks I’ve taken and the mistakes I have made!

Other interests

  • This eclectic history also includes as part of a team, doing building works and establishing a water purifying system for a rural hospital at Kagando, Uganda (1982).

  • Leading my staff team (from Chip Shop) to Costa Rica with ‘Habitat for Humanity’, where we assisted the build of three houses we had raised the funds for in (2008).

  • Three trips to Bekoji, Ethiopia (2012, 2013 and 2014) with ‘Stand by Me’ on joint building and Medical teams, two of which I took overall lead.

How can I help you?

Lets have a conversation...

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